This extremely affecting story features zombies–which you’re probably sick of (I am)–but it looks at them through the lens of reconciliation. How do people move on after a civil war, an apartheid, a genocide, a zombie attack–where neighbors kill each other and subsequently have to live side by side? The emotional and character work here is very skillful. I found it hard to read; it made me cry.  — Rachel Swirsky  read more

A great tale about the aftermath of a zombie outbreak with a stunning ending. (5*) read more

One of the best stories in the anthology, in my opinion – it reads just like something from “World War Z.” read more

Powerful. In the beginning, I thought it would be like a thousand other zombie stories. But it’s not. It’s probably the most evocative, heartrending tale I’ve read in a long time — zombie or not. Superb writing that built a tension I could barely stand.  read more

This is a story about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. It’s rigorous and it doesn’t provide easy answers to the dilemmas that it raises.   read more

I think O’Neill intelligently explores the ways in which people act to protect themselves psychologically: denying what has happened, denying what they did, the ways in which the socially mandated silence creaks and cracks. –Rachel Swirsky read more

I hope all of Kennedy-O’Neill’s readers have some sort of duty overriding their aversion to not-another-goddam-zombie-outbreak-story, because otherwise they’ll miss out on a fresh and heartfelt approach to the genre. — Matthew Nadelhaft read more