Mar. 2022: “Astra Star-hammer Strikes Back!” in Open Your Mouth: A Charity Anthology. LDM publishing. Benefiting The National Women’s Law Center. What happens when a teen artist hijacks her neighborhood’s bookmobile?

Nov. 2021 “Man on Fire” in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. 10th Anniversary Issue. Why can no one help him?

Aug. 2021 “Machine Love” in Flash Fiction Online. How much do you love your coffee maker?

Apr. 2021 Build-a-Grudge in Daily Science Fiction. What if you could hand-craft resentment?

August 2020 “The Mistake Hoarder” in the humor magazine Defenestration. What if your neighbor was eccentric? Really eccentric.

August 2020 “Run, Baby, Run” in Triangulation: Extinction. What if we could bring species back? How far would you go?

cat ladies image

Spring 2020 “Cat Ladies in the Time of Cthulhu” in the collection Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse, edited by Lyn Worthen.

June 1 2019 in Eureka Literary Magazine (ELM): What if we kept our mistakes? “The Mistake Hoarder.”

Mar. 1 2019 in Daily Science Fiction: What if we could choose which taxes we pay?A La Carte

Feb. 2019 in Phantom Drift Issue 8: What if social media didn’t exist? “Under.”

Jan. 2019 in Galaxy’s Edge: Issue 36. What if you could only say one word? “Why?”

News! I’m a finalist for the Lascaux Prize in Flash Fiction with “Pushing a Prayer”

Lascaux prisegalaxy's edgecimarron review

News! Winner of the 2018 Gris-Gris Summer Flash Fiction Contest — Judged by Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Olen Butler. “Heron Girl.”

March 2018. What if you could see people’s pain? “The Wounds We Wear” in Radix Media’s Aftermath: Explorations of Loss and Grief: anthology named the Bronze Winner in the 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards.

2019. Abyss & Apex. What if you caught a ride on migrating trees? The Roots that Roam.

Spring 2018. What happens to a dream deferred? “O’Reilly’s Magic Talking Dream Box” in the Cimarron Review.

gris gris          phantom drift

Feb. 2018. Can you dance with regret? “Animals at the Ball” in New Flash Fiction Review.

Animals at the ball

Dec. 21 2017. Could you send someone to hell? “The Jury” in The Centropic Oracle.

Sept. 1, 2017. What happens when wishes come true? “When an Otter Brings You Pralines” in Animal: A Beast of a Literary Journal.

May 26, 2017. What happens when you’re trapped in a house by the moon? “The Moon in Her Doorway” in Daily Science Fiction.

March 21, 2017 Drowning or dreaming? “Chokecherry Creek.” Every Day Fiction.

Feb. 2, 2017.  Can art replace nature? “The Last Passenger Pigeon” in Nature: Futures.

“Jericho” in Flash Fiction Online: Science Fiction 2016 Anthology

ffo  Jericho snippet

Nov. 2016 What happens when a popular toy becomes a supernatural menace? Listen to “Night Sprites” on The Breakroom Stories.

Sept. 2016 What happens when the waters rise, and student loans are passed down to your children?  See “Jericho” in Flash Fiction Online

2015 What happens where there’s a cure? What happens to a marriage? See “Aftermath” in Zombies: More Recent Dead.

May 2015 Are cats from outer space? See “Phase Change” in Cats in Space

Cats in Space

I mostly spend my days sleeping, and when I’m awake I beg for the door to be opened. Then I sit in the threshold –- that liminal, beautiful space of indecisions. I hear shouts and lamentations by the natives, all directed to me. Inside or outside?

 What happens when a mermaid comes ashore? Read “Subsidance” in New Orleans Review

Jan. 2016 What happens when you’re the very last zombie? AND a librarian? See “The Last Zombie Story” in Daily Science Fiction.

Feb. 2015 What if you really, really need a love potion on the Gulf Coast? Read “Mermaid Soup” in Every Day Fiction

everyday fiction