What Wildness is This

What emerges is a look at the dirty, delightful clash of fantasy and fact…or culture and nature. This is a book where none can escape the truth of the land. These women, more than most, appreciate the experience of a life that is untamed. — New Mexico Magazine

A fitting tribute to the rugged complexity of the Southwest from the pens of a diverse group of women writers. —El Paso Times

To Everything on Earth

In these essays, thirteen acclaimed writers from a variety of backgrounds lead us on pilgrimages that cross both interior and exterior landscapes toward a greater spiritual end, offering encouraging answers to troubling questions.  read more

Out of the Earth: Ecocritical Readings of Irish Texts

Out of the Earth will doubtlessly serve as a cornerstone and inspiration for future Irish ecocriticism. –Karen Babine, Irish Literary Supplement from Republic of Ireland. read more

Joy Kennedy-O’Neill’s article is concerned with the space of the islands, specifically looking at Synge’s play Riders to the Sea and the powerful force of the ocean, performing a revaluation of critical work on Synge that has focused on language and culture. — Claire Bracken, Utopian Studies.